Starship Troopers Morita Rifles

Wait until Mr. Heinlen sees what we did to his book!

Seen in last summer's Starship Troopers, the "Mortia" is the primary weapon of the Mobile Infantry.  Not much is known about the "fictional" specs of the weapon.  There are two versions of the Morita, the Infantry model (top) and the compact Leader/Pilot model (bottom).

Everybody fights, and nobody quits!
This is the actual rifle carried by Michael Ironside in the movie.

Other actual movie rifles.

The props were built from the Ruger Mini-14, using a heavily modified "bullpup" stock.  The flash hider and pistol grip is from an M-60 machine gun.  The shotgun on the Infantry model appears to be an Ithaca Model 37.
No matter what you think about the movie, it would be neat to have a Morita on your gunrack.

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